Measuring utilization in a supercomputer on System B and C

The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) at the University of Tokyo has started a project for advancement of  software usability in material sciences (PASUMS) in April 2015 to promote the use of the ISSP supercomputer. As an evaluation indicator of this project, we are measuring the number of users of the developed software in the project on the ISSP supercomputer. We would like to ask for your cooperation in this project from the viewpoint of promoting the use of the software. The details are described below.

Target software

  • Software deployed in PASUMS

abICS, DCore, DSQSS, HΦ, Kω, mVMC, OpenMX, RESPACK, TeNeS, PHYSBO, 2DMAT (2021/03/19)

Measurement items

  • User ID (However, it is obfuscated so that personal information is not visible)
  • Number of parallelism (number of processes, number of threads)
  • Name of software used

Measurement method

  • When using the preinstalled software

     The software adopted in this project will be preinstalled on the ISSP supercomputer System B and C. The software will be automatically measured by selecting the software listed in the “Installed Applications” section and executing the software according to the procedure described therein.

  • When using the not preinstalled software
      If you are using software built in your own environment, you may need to run 

    $ /home/issp/materiapps/tool/bin/issp-ucount softwarename
    for measuring the utilization (put the name of the software in softwarename).
    For example, in the case of HΦ, please include a sentence before running the program as follows to perform the measurement.
    $ /home/issp/materiapps/tool/bin/issp-ucount HPhi 
    $ mpijob ./HPhi -e namelist.def
  • Software name and keywords

    Basically, the software name and the keyword are the same. However, there is no case sensitivity for keywords (ex. as hPhi is also counted as HPhi). The following is the software name: keyword.

      • abICS: abICS
      • HΦ: HPhi
      • mVMC: mVMC
      • DSQSS: DSQSS
      • DCore: DCore
      • OpenMX: OpenMX
      • Kω: KOmega
      • TeNeS: TeNeS
      • 2DMAT: py2dmat
      • ESM-RISM: rism
      • H-wave: hwave


    The measurement data of the software will be published in the Joint Usage Research Meeting and Activity Report as needed. If you have any other questions, please contact us from “Contact“.