How to use PASUMS software in the ISSP supercomputer

PASUMS software is pre-installed on Systems B and is ready to use (as of 2021/03/18, the following software is pre-installed on Systems B).

Clicking on the software name will take you to a page with instructions on how to use it on Systems B and C.

  •  Solver for Quantum lattice models
    •   (only Japanese) – An exact diagonalization package for a wide range of quantum lattice models
    • mVMC (only Japanese) – A low-energy solver for a wide ranger of quantum lattice models by using variational Monte Carlo method
    • DSQSS (only Japanese) – An application program for solving quantum many body problems in a discrete set (typically a lattice)
    • DCore (only Japanese) – A tool for performing quantum many-body simulations based on dynamical mean-field theory
    • TeNeS (only Japanese) – A solver program for two dimensional quantum lattice model based on a projected entangled pair state wavefunction and the corner transfer matrix renormalization group method.
  • Software related to first-principles calculations
    • abICS (only preinstalled on System C) – Software framework for performing configurational sampling in disordered systems
    • OpenMX (only Japanese) – First-principles software based on the pseudo-atomic localized basis functions
    • RESPACK (only Japanese) – First-principles calculation software for evaluating the interaction parameters of materials
  • Mathmatical Libraries
    • (only Japanese) – Library for large-scale parallel computing of the shifted Krylov subspace method
  • Analysis Tools
    • 2DMAT (only Japanese) – Framework for applying a search algorithm to a direct problem solver to find the optimal solution
    • PHYSBO (only Japanese) – O(N) Bayesian Optimization library