An exact diagonalization package for a wide range of quantum lattice models (e.g. multi-orbital Hubbard model, Heisenberg model, Kondo lattice model). HΦ also supports the massively parallel computations. The Lanczos algorithm for obtaining the ground state and thermal pure quantum state method for finite-temperature calculations are implemented. In addition, dynamical Green’s functions can be calculated using Kω, which is a library of the shifted Krylov subspace method. It is possible to perform simulations for real-time evolution from ver. 3.0.


Official Page:



Installed latest version

3.5.1 (2023/05/22)

How to use HΦ on the ISSP supercomputer 

  • In the following, replace $MA_ROOT with the following directory
    • SystemB
      • MA_ROOT=/home/issp/materiapps/oneapi_compiler_classic-2023.0.0--openmpi-4.1.5
    • SystemC
      • MA_ROOT=/home/issp/materiapps/PrgEnv-intel_8.3.3
  • The directory where HPhi is installed:
    • $MA_ROOT/hphi/
  • The directory where the execution file of HPhi is installed:
    • $MA_ROOT/hphi/hphi-3.5.1-1/bin/

    (*) The build option can be checked by typing the following command:

    $ less $MA_ROOT/hphi/hphi-3.5.1-1.log
  • The directory where sample scripts and input files are stored:
    • $MA_ROOT/hphi/hphi-3.5.1-1/samples/
  • How to run HΦ  (ex. calculation of the ground state energy on the  Heisenberg chain by Lanczos method)
    1.  Preparing the computing environments 
      $ source /home/issp/materiapps/oneapi_compiler_classic-2023.0.0--openmpi-4.1.5/hphi/
      This will pass the PATH to the binary files of the latest version of HPhi. It also stores the path to the HPhi installation directory in the environment variable HPHI_ROOT. You can also use HPhi at the specific version. For example, if you want to use the version 3.5.1, please type as 
      $ source /home/issp/materiapps/oneapi_compiler_classic-2023.0.0--openmpi-4.1.5/hphi/
    2. Preparing  input files
      $ cp -r $HPHI_ROOT/samples ~/HPhi-samples
    3. Submitting job
      $ cd ~/HPhi-samples/old/CG/Heisenberg  
      $ cp /home/issp/materiapps/oneapi_compiler_classic-2023.0.0--openmpi-4.1.5/hphi/sample_jobscript/ .  
      # System B
      $ sbatch
      # System C
      $ qsub
      A sample script is available in $MA_ROOT/hphi/sample_jobscript/. Copy the script to the current folder and submit the job. The sample scripts are for expert mode and for standard mode.

Measurement of the number of times used

  • We measure the number of uses of PASUMS software on the ISSP supercomputer. This becomes an important indicator for evaluating the significance of the project, and we appreciate your cooperation. We can also count the number of users who use versions of the software that are not pre-installed, so we would appreciate your cooperation in counting the number of users to help us understand how the software is being used (for details, please click here). If you do not wish to measure utilization when using pre-installed software, please select HPhi_nocount as the executable file.


  • How to use HPhi (e.g., create inputs), functions, etc.
    HPhi on GitHub:
  • How to Execute on ISSP Supercomputer System
    Software Consultation Service for ISSP Supercomputer (please replace __at__ by @)